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feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you

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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2008|11:25 am]
feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you
This one time (ok, last night) I went running and I didn't want to die. Weird! No, it really is. The last time I tried running as exercise in Denver, and every time before that, I felt really ill/ tired/ dizzy/ in pain. But I suspect that is because I was doing too much, too soon, not giving my body time to adjust to my heart pumping faster at a higher altitude. It was also before I'd been dancing two hours a week for two years. Oh, and last night I was running in 60 second intervals with 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes, the first step in the first week of the Couch to 5K program.

It wasn't a total breeze, but it wasn't too hard, either. And oddly enough, that's a big confidence boost for me, to start a program and feel like maybe I can skip a step, though I won't. I am SO self-conscious about how I look and feel when I exercise, and I'm sure I'll deconstruct this a lot as time goes on. I think one of the reasons I like dance so much is that the whole point at the end of the day is to remain in control of what your body is doing, to keep your work off your face, to make it look effortless. Well, for me, running and walking take effort, and I'm going to have to get over the fact that a stranger might notice that I am sweating and breathing heavily and rocking my sweet pedometer and stopwatch. Running in my neighborhood helps. I think that running away from my neighborhood might help more.

I'm not telling my dad that I'm doing this because he'll want to take me out to buy running shoes and fancy pants and ask me about it every damn time he sees me and ask me if I want to start training for the mini marathon.

I'm not telling Ed because he teased me about my gait the one time he saw me running (after a frisbee or something), not knowing how sensitive I was about it, and even though I told him to back off, it was so long ago that he probably won't remember that it's an off-limits teasing subject and I don't want to try to explain to someone who's never been an overweight, gawky girl trying to play sports even though she doesn't want to and sucks at them anyway why it's so painful to have someone criticize the way my body works and how my brain responds to it.

I know I said I wanted a partner, but the longer I think about it, I really don't.

I'm doing this for me and the second it starts feeling otherwise, then it's time to try something else.
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Mental health. [Jul. 15th, 2007|05:32 pm]
feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you

[mood |crappycrappy]
[music |Sloan - Sinking Ships]

I haven't worked out once in the past two (maybe three) weeks. This is the longest I've gone in the past two years without physical activity. It is absolutely no wonder I am so fucking down all the time. When I look back at all my strength and self-sufficiency the better part of that was when I worked out daily.
I have to remember that the way my body looks is just a happy coincidence of going to the gym, not the end reason to go.

I'm heading to the SRSC now. I'm walk/running (depending on my damaged toe and the weather.)
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QUESTION FOR ALL Y'ALL [Jun. 18th, 2007|09:07 pm]
feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you

I've been increasingly annoyed with my perceptible increase in body fat and general increase in physical unfitness, but I'm having a hard time keeping myself motivated to get up off my ass.

Would it annoy the crap out of anyone if I posted near-daily updates about my physical activity for the day?

For instance:

Sunday - Month 1 of Glamour strength training workout, all reps.

Monday - 1hr walk to/from work, ~15min walk/run this evening.

I really want to be able to go play pickup soccer with my Dad when I'm in Cincinnati this summer, and right now, I will DIE SO HARD.
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Oh yeah, Fitness! [Apr. 26th, 2007|10:24 am]
feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you

So, on Monday, despite ninextimes's warning, I coerced captn_sideburns into doing Glamour's Body by Glamour workout with me (he stopped scoffing once we started doing the exercises). I am, of course, still sore; but I went down to the exercycle on Tuesday for half an hour (mmm, Colbert Report) and played a game of two-on-two basketball yesterday with young, fit students (of course, it didn't last very long). I'm trying to make sure I get at least 30 minutes per day of exercise, every day.

I also might do a mini-marathon in May? Just walking, but still.

Anybody else got fun new Planz 4 Fitnass?

I have also, of course, been trying to Eat Healthy, but as usual keep running into this:

Le sigh. On the plus side, almost all Fake Things are out of my kitchen/life. (Exception: some delicious ice cream that I'm finishing off; an oven pizza and some canned soup, In Case Of Emergency; and some Grater's nonpareil mint chips that will be DELICOUS in cookes.)
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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2007|09:35 am]
feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you
I feel awful (tired all the time, thirsty all the time, bloated and cranky, acne and eczema acting up) after a few weeks of too much dairy and bad fat and salt and caffeine and generally eating based on my mood rather than my body, so I am eating like this for a week or so:

soy products
local honey and molasses
organic yogurt
rolled oats and other non-wheat whole grains
organic nuts, beans, legumes
caffeine-free infusions
water water water
organic extra virgin olive oil
organic local eggs (poached or boiled)

meat or poultry
iodized salt
high fructose corn syrup
processed wheat or sugar

dairy other than yogurt
sea salt
tannins (chocolate, red wine, coffee, tea)
processed anything
white rice

What "detoxes" (I kind of hate that word because most people think it means fasting) do you like when you feel bad? How long do you implement them? Did anyone get veg/vegan/raw/wheat-free that way?
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A break in the clouds. [Mar. 2nd, 2007|04:44 pm]
feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you

[Current Location |SLIS abyss]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |Death Cab For Cutie.]

I've run several days this week! And I'm about to go run again!
Also running outside, STILL THE BEST EVER.

This is sort of random guys, but after about a month of crappy eating/exercising habits I'm sick of it and excited to be back in the game. Especially since I'm doing another mini-marathon in MAY!

OMGWTFBBQ!?!!1 Two months and I have to be ready?


(ps, for fun and variety I've been doing dance and cardio core classes at the SRSC...good times, kick my ass six ways to Sunday!)
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Change is coming. [Feb. 9th, 2007|09:45 am]
feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you
Health goals for new job/ life in general:

-Google maps says that my new job is 1.5 miles from my house. I'm making it a goal to either walk or bike to and/or from work at least five times a week, contingent upon how fucking cold it is. That means I can walk in and take the bus home or vice versa if I'm tired one day or every day. This will mean taking bike to the shop when it gets warmer again to be serviced and have a basket installed, and getting up at about the time I do now, so that I will have time to walk/ ride that distance.

-Continue to eat and cook well, focusing on eating a wide variety of foods to avoid boredom/ bingeing and buying what's seasonal, local, and unprocessed when I go shopping, which needs to be at least once a week, if not twice. I really need to reduce my intake of sweets/ junky snacks, since they are expensive ($ could be better spent on fancy produce/ fodder for new recipes/ delicious boozahol) and generally make me feel bad. Working in an office that does not have a vending machine/ coworkers pushing girl scout cookies and brownies all the time will probably help a lot.

-Replace sugar habit with good coffee, i.e. acquire functional coffee maker, as french press is finicky, takes too long, and only makes one cup. (Not really a health goal, I just found a really good local coffee roaster that rocks my face and I've been drinking a lot of bad coffee lately to try to facilitate my raging.)

-Continuing belly dance on Thursday nights from 6:30 - 8:30, possibly adding more at-home practice or at least zills, stretching, and isolations several times per week. Remember that practice (especially zills) does not only mean beneficial exercise, but also not being traumatized during advanced session.
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my people are you with me where you at? in the front in the back! killer bees on attack! [Jan. 26th, 2007|11:53 am]
feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you

runner's world had these back stretches linked from their front page today for stretching out your lower back. i know mine gets gummed up from sitting in front a computer all day, so i thought these might be generally useful.

so, two simple lower back stretches, copy/pasted from runner's worldCollapse )
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How does the time of day you work out affect you? [Jan. 23rd, 2007|08:12 pm]
feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you

[Current Location |Tick tock]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Ginny Arnell - I Wish I Knew What Dress To Wear]

Are you more energized the earlier you workout? Or do you just feel tired afterwards no matter what time you go?
Did you choose the time or did it choose you (the only time you have?)

Is everything varied or do you have a schedule/routine?
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Hey now, don't that make you feel a whole lot better? [Jan. 21st, 2007|08:05 pm]
feminist fitness will kick its own ass, thank you
[music |the b-52s]

I started actively attempting to exercise about two months ago, and discovered two things:

1.) I feel a fuckton better (cleaner inside, happier, more energetic), physically and psychologically, when I exercise, and
2.) Working out changes your body, and it's difficult to conceive of that change outside of the framework of skinnier = better/more valuable/hotter, or the notion that bigger muscles = hotter.

So in order to keep challenging my method of processing my progress toward greater fitness, and process it with other intelligent humans, I made up this LJ community.

To kick things off, I'm going to go into my workout routine and a few thoughts on itCollapse )
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